heartFeeling romantic?? – if you’re going away somewhere special, I can arrange for your gift to be delivered direct to your hotel and waiting in your room for your arrivalheart

Welcome to Privileged Emotions, where I will endeavour to help you, through the affection and sentiment of poetry, to say those special words that so often get left unsaid. 

At Privileged Emotions (with a little of your help), a unique personalised poetry gift could be written for you and arrive at the door of someone special, within just 5 days.

I have been writing poetry for many years as personal greetings for birthday and Christmas gifts to those close to me. On many occasions I have been asked by friends and family to write poems on their behalf to show those close to them what they mean, how they feel, that they are there for them, and sometimes just because…..

It is such requests that have persuaded me to share this passion with the world at large in the form of the Company I have today, Privileged Emotions.

I know that I have spent many hours of my time in gift shops looking for that perfect card that says everything that I want it to, but never manage to find it, and more often than not, I settle for a card that just looks good or makes me laugh to cover up the words that don’t quite express what I want them to.

If you can relate to this frustration, then I hope that you will like the idea of a unique personalised poetry gift which can include words that mean something very specific to you, to the recipient, and to the occasion for which it is intended.


At Privileged Emotions I want to help you to put a smile on someone’s face or ease someone’s pain.

Poetry can be used to express a variety of feelings and emotions during the happiest and saddest of times, but whatever occasion, a poem is sure to say and mean something very special. 

Poetry is a way of expressing our deepest thoughts and sharing them with our loved ones, friends, pets or even a stranger. It can also be a way of sharing our grief in times of loss when we may just want to express our inner thoughts to help us reflect, or even celebrate a life now lost.

There are times in our lives when we feel ready to say that special something, but can’t quite find the right words to express exactly what we feel in our hearts. I hope that I can help you to find those precious words that could make a difference to a special someone or circumstance.