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Aside from the personalised poetry, I have also written various collections of poems that are aimed to reach out to the hearts of loved ones. I have collated these in to little cute booklets, each one having 15 poems in. Currently there are 4 booklets to choose from….

Booklet 1The cogs are still turningcould well be described as being of a ‘private diary’ nature. They are deep and meaningful with a twist of secrecy in their approach.

The ‘cog’ concept is to illustrate that these are mindful thoughts that we can all feel at one time or another. These could be secret thoughts about someone we can’t bring ourselves to tell how we feel (maybe a valentine!) or someone we share our lives with that we trust unconditionally (a best friend or soulmate).


Booklet 2You make me smile is more directed towards feelings and emotions felt between friends or loved ones.

There are many events or people in life that can bring a smile to our face and into our hearts. This 2nd booklet expresses some of these and the feelings that they can give us inside, like the butterflies that we get in our stomach when we long to see someone again, or the love in our hearts when we make a difference to someone’s life, even if it is for just a short time.


Booklet 3 I love you Mum is full of special poetry messages of love and warmth for that special lady in your life!

Somehow a Mother’s love is given so effortlessly. This booklet tries to capture the feelings we get when we receive this love and how much it means to us.


Booklet 4You’re my special someonecould be for that one person who means the world to you, who is always the first person you call when you need support, the one who makes you tick or completes your world.

Sometimes in life we meet people who make a difference to our lives, this booklet expresses some of the feelings we get when we have that closeness.


Please click on any of the images below to see full information and sample verses of the poems in that collection.

 cogsThe Cogs are still turning  
 smileYou make me smile  
 mumI love you Mum  
 someoneYou’re my special someone