I love you Mum


This is a collection of 15 poems expressing how a Mother’s love can make us feel when it is given unconditionally and with such ease.

The poems are a mixed bag of emotions. Some talk about the bond of friendship, inspiration and guidance, others simply say thank you for the gift of life.

My favourite is No. 11 which uses life examples to express what Mum means. I smile to myself whenever I read that one!

Sample verses from the collection

“I love you Mum,

You’re my special friend,

You’re my dreams in a letter,

I could never send”

“I Love you Mum,

Each day that I wake,

You taught me to give,

More than to take”

“I Love you Mum,

And it feels so great,

To know that you’re there,

When bad times can’t wait”