The cogs are still turning


This is a collection of 15 poems from the mind (described as “the cogs”) and also from the heart.

All poems within this collection follow a ‘private diary’ theme where secrets and heartfelt emotions are put to paper, to share inner feelings with a loved one, a stranger or just the world outside.

Like the horoscopes we may read in newspapers and magazines, this unique collection of poems could mean many different things to many different people, so I hope you will find at least one poem in the collection that can express an emotion or feeling that you yourself can relate to, which you may feel you can share with someone or just want to keep hold of for yourself.

Even if you don’t have a life story that fits into one of the poems in this collection, I hope you might feel that you would enjoy reading more of them at your leisure and maybe one day sharing them with someone special.

Sample verses from the collection

“The cogs are still turning,

A phonecall’s my fix,

My stomach is churning,

My head’s pic ‘n’ mix”

“The cogs are still turning,

For when we’re apart,

The flame can still flicker

Right here in my heart”

 “The cogs are still turning,

With thoughts that delight,

Coz all I need do,

Is close my eyes tight”